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Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon: The King of Noble Crusades and the Queen of the Wild Things, the Team Captain of Fantastic Voyages and Spiritual Super-Quests; the Romantic Hero of the Heavens, the Horizons, and the High Seas; the Dynamic Duo of Creative Abandon; With Wind Swept Hair on the Wheels of Steel

Leo is the Entertainer and the Performer, the Actor and Actress, the King and the Queen, the Movie Star and the Showman, the Mistress of Ceremonies and the Professor of High Theatrics. Ecologically, this sign is associated with the middle of summer – a time when the weather is at its warmest, the sky at its brightest, and even the most solitary of animals can be seen out and about strutting their stuff. People with their Sun (identity) in this warmly generous sign thus typically become identified with their ability to attract attention to themselves. Actress Lynda Carter, whose name is now synonymous with Wonder Woman, is a representative Leo Sun.

Sitting 120 degrees from Leo is Sagittarius, the sign of the the Traveler, the Truth Seeker, the Scholar-Sage, the Philosopher-Prophet, the Professor of High Adventure, and the Department Chair of Broad Intellectual Horizons. Possessed by the energy of a wild horse, prone to taking off on wild escapades, and always looking towards new frontiers, Sagittarius is the sign most likely to go on long distance trips. When a person’s Moon (emotional needs) is in Sagittarius (travel), going on long distance trips is necessary for their emotional health. Sometimes these trips will be geographical in nature but other times they will be across religious, spiritual, or social terrains. Russian Cosmonnaut Valentina Tereshkova is a Sagittarius Moon who embarked on the ultimate high-adventure trip when she became the first woman in space on June 16th, 1963. (Chart)

Combine the theatrical, generous and heart-centered stage presence of a Leo Sun with the high-octane, high-adventure, devil-may-care instincts of a Sagittarius Moon and you get a Sun/Moon pairing that takes an extraordinarly romantic, forthright, and passionate approach to life. Leo is ruled by the Sun which sits high in the heavens while Sagittarius is the associated with far-off horizons and trips across the high seas. Combine the two together and get you the Sun/Moon pairing of the “queenly nomadic, the regal philosopher, the traveling entertainer, and the daredevil extrovert”, to quote astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey. (Source) Imagine a young child bursting forth full speed on a tricycle to explore the wide world of excitement and discovery that lays outside the confines of their family’s front yard and you’ll have a good metaphor for how this pairing approaches life.

Of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings the Leo/Sagittarius is probably the pairing most likely to be famous for going on some sort of fantastic voyage or spiritual super-quest. Neil Armstrong, the first man on the Moon, a Leo/Sagittarius. He’s a high profile but fundamentally representative example of how high and how far this pairing is willing to travel once possessed by the spirit of a quest:

Obviously very few Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon individuals will end up faring through outer space like Mr. Armstrong did. Most, however, will have the travel bug like nobody’s business. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson writes of this pairing’s penchant for high-seas and far-off horizons, “Practically everything under the Sun intrigues you. With so many new lands to explore, so many new people to meet, and so many ideas to ponder, no wonder you can’t find the time to finish anything.” (Source) British Army office T.E. Lawrence, best known as “Lawrence of Arabia”, is a Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon whose life of nomadic travel and daredevil extroversion was eventually turned into the blockbuster 1962 film bearing his name:

Even those Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon individuals who don’t go on to become known for being world travelers will find a way to express the wide-ranging, far-reaching potential of this pairing, oftentimes writing books or music to do so. Rapper Coolio is a Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon. (Chart) He’s best known for the hit 1994 song “Fantastic Voyage”, the title of which could be the life theme song for this Sun/Moon pairing. When Coolio raps, “Come on in let’s take a ride. Don’t you say shit, just get inside” he is speaking sacred truths for Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon people of all cultures:

Take a look at this photo of Armstrong courtesy of NASA and compare it to a still-shot from Coolio’s video for “Fantastic Voyage”. While the socio-demographic profiles of the individuals couldn’t be more different, what you’ll notice in both photos are all the major hallmarks of the Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon pairing: a charismatic individual (Leo) surrounded by an entourage of wild world travelers (Sagittarius) about to embark on a joyous, moral-boosting voyage in a first class vehicle:

Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon:The Fantastic Voyage

Curiously enough, both Armstrong’s fantastic voyage to the Moon and Coolio’s “Fantastic Voyage” music video have strong spiritual overtones. When Armstrong landed on the Moon there was for a brief shining moment a sense that maybe just maybe humanity could learn to walk away from warfare and violence. If you listen closely to the lyrics to “Fantastic Voyage” you’ll note that it’s actually an anthem expressing hope for an end to gang violence.

Comparing an astronaut like Neil Armstrong to a rapper like Coolio might seem a bit of a stretch but any Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon individuals reading his will likely “get it”. This pairing has the ability to grasp broad-based, big-picture truths while not getting excessively hung up on details like what a person’s skin color, hair style, or choice of vehicle is. There is also a strong, spiritually-inclined, social consciousness that comes with this pairing. Actress Sally Struthers, best known for her “Feed the Children” commercials, is a Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon. (Chart) Roberto Clemente, the Hall of Fame baseball player who died in a plane accident delivering food aid to children, is also a Leo/Sagittarius. (Chart)

As both the entertainer and the monarch of the zodiac Leo is usually at the center of any party. Sagittarius, meanwhile, is the sign most likely to travel far and wide to find a good party. Combine the two together and you get one of the most fun-loving of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings. Jefferson Anderson writes of this Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon individual:

Action is the word that describes you best. People know when you are around because of all that moving about! Never content to fantasize about excitement you go out and create it.” (Source)

This ability to generate excitement makes it an ideal combination for a professional party starter of some sort. Deidra Muriel Roper, best known as DJ Spinderella of the pioneering female rap group Salt-N-Pepa, is a Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon. (Chart) If you’re not familiar with Mrs. Spinderella, she can be seen this video behind her signature turntables. Being a Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon it’s no surprise she’s the one to get the party started in the video’s opening seconds:

Leo/Sagittarians dream huge dreams and inspire others to do the same. Neil Armstrong did just that for a generation of young people interested in the sciences when he landed on the Moon. Mrs. Spinderella did something similar for a generation of young women interested in hip-hop when she landed at the top of the music world.

Both Leo and Sagittarius are extremely passionate signs so it should come as little surprise that the combination can be quite a handful in the romantic arena. Pair the demanding aggressiveness of the Lioness (Leo) with the high adventure antics of the Centaur-Archer (Sagittarius) and you get a Sun/Moon pairing that will tend to exhaust both itself and its romantic partners. This is particularly the case for the Leo Sun, Sagittarius female as astrologer Jacqueline Bigar explains in her book Women and Their Moon Signs:

You can be a delight to the right man. You will chase, pounce, and attack. He just needs to tell you how very wonderful you are. Your need for adulation can get be a bit much for your partner. You are good, you know it, and you want to know HE knows it. (Source)

Anybody in a relationship with a native of this pairing is well-advised to double down on their intake of B-vitamins, Siberian Ginseng, and Omega-3 rich fish oils. Each of these supplements are reputed to enhance both intellectual and physical stamina and you will need a world of both if you want to keep up with the textbook Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon individual. This pairing will find monogamy a hard road to hoe until it finds a partner with whom it can share its deeply romantic vision of what love – and life itself – has to offer.

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Will the Real Aries Moon Wonder Woman Please Stand Up?

I imagine most folks in Hollywood are at least loosely familiar with Sun sign astrology. A person’s Sun sign is certainly important but it really takes a backseat to the Moon sign when it comes to figuring out which roles are best for which actors. This is because the Sun sign correlates to the conscious mind while the Moon sign correlates to the unconscious mind. As with an iceberg and its tip, what lies below (the unconscious) is orders of magnitude more powerful than what lies above (the conscious). Ideally a role matches up with an actor’s Moon and their Sun but at the very least it needs to line up with their Moon for them to truly resonate with the role.

Actress Lynda Carter of Wonder Woman fame, for instance, has her Moon (instincts) in Aries, the sign of the Trailblazer, the Daredevil, the Warrior, the Survivor, the Competitor, the Ass-Kicker, the Amazon Warrior of the Zodiac. Her Sun in “lights, camera, action” Leo certainly helped in terms of stage presence but it was that Aries Moon that allowed her to instinctually “click” into the role of Wonder Woman. (Analysis of Lynda Carter’s Natal Chart)

That wardrobe transformation spin move still works so well after all these years because it was a near perfect, if dramatized, projection of her internal patterns out onto the external world of film: from her South Node (past lives) in Virgo (The Analyst) to her Moon (instincts) in Aries (The Warrior) all in one big bright flash (Sun in Leo).

NBC’s 2011 failed attempt at a remake of Wonder Woman really illustrates how astrology can be put to practical use. NBC produced some screen tests of actress Adrianne Palicki of Friday Night Lights fame as Wonder Woman running through the streets of Manhattan before quickly canning the project. (Palicki’s Chart) As astrologer Mystic Medusa pointed out, “Adrianne’s a beautiful woman for sure but [with three planets in Taurus] she vibes like she’s running to the bakery.” (Source)

Mrs. Medusa obviously did not intend her comment as a critique of Palicki’s appearance, dietary habits, or athletic abilities. She’s a great actress and it’s clear takes excellent care of herself. It’s just that Taurus is the slow moving, silently powerful, super sensualist of the Zodiac. It’s the sign most associated with food, farming, fertility, and fabulously luxuriant creature comforts. Hand a woman with that much Taurus in her chart Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and she’ll likely lasso herself a deliciously rich meal and a 2 hour massage from Hanz the masseuse.

Palicki’s Moon, meanwhile, is in Pisces — the mind-reading mystic of the Zodiac. Symbolized as a fish, Pisces is at its highest expression the sign of universal compassion. But when Pisces goes bad it morphs into a primal sea-monster whose rage is as vast as the ocean itself. With her Sun in sensual Taurus and her Moon in sea-faring Pisces, Palicki was a spot on selection for the role of Nadia, the mind-reading, shape-shifting siren of sensual destruction and doom in the 2006 Aquaman pilot:

While Palicki’s instincts for the sensual depths may be superb, as a Taurus/Pisces she’s not the optimal choice to portray a fast moving, high flying, and extremely fiery character such as Wonder Woman.

So what actress does fit the bill? The best candidate for the role, so far as I can tell, is soap opera star Nadia Bjorlin. Like Lynda Carter, Bjorlin is a Leo Sun, Aries Moon, making her an astro-twin of Carter’s. (Bjorlin’s Natal Chart) Take a look at this clip from the 2007 film Redline where she plays a professional singer who moonlights as a custom race car mechanic to see what I mean:

I’m not sure what Eddie Griffith was supposed to be doing in this film but his line to Bjorlin at :08 of the above clip, “they must have put jet fuel in your baby bottle” happens to be an excellent approximation of the Aries Moon. The Moon describes what a person finds emotionally nourishing. When it is placed in Aries, the person is nourished by action, adventure, excitement, and speed. It’s the perfect Moon placement for an actress portraying an exciting, fast-moving, and extremely adventuresome character such as Wonder Woman.

Lynda Carter, Nadia Bjorlin: Same Fundamental Psychology, a Few Mars/Venus Tweaks

All twins have differences and astro-twins (people with the same Sun/Moon pairing) are no exception to this. Two major differences between Bjorlin and Carter’s charts that would color their respective versions of Wonder Woman are as follows:

Difference #1: Bjorlin has a Mars/Pluto conjunction in her chart, indicative of “killer instincts”. (Source) Placed in the sign of Libra – the most socially adept and aesthetically oriented of signs – she would bring a suave ruthlessness to a remake of Wonder Woman.

Difference #2: Bjorlin’s Venus (the planet of style) is in chatty Gemini where Carter’s Venus is in bookish Virgo. Wonder Woman’s alter ego Diana Prince would thus have to be retooled as a blogger, news columnist, or somebody who works with social networking systems instead of a nurse to best match the strengths of Bjorlin’s chart.

So while tweaks to the character would be necessary to make the best use of Bjorlin’s Mars/Venus placements, she’s got the fundamental astro-goods to project as a credible Wonder Woman. With the same Sun/Moon pairing as Lynda Carter, she’d likely even remind people a bit of the original Wonder Woman although they wouldn’t be exactly sure why.

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