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Cancer Sun, Libra Moon: The Smooth Operator and the Stylish Peacemaker, the Captain of Diplomacy and the CEO of Social Intercourse

Considered the most intuitively shrewd of the twelve signs, Cancer perceives shifting tides of emotion as accurately as its animal symbol the crab perceives shifting tides of the ocean. This is why you’ll find a disproportionate number of Cancers in professions such as counseling and care-taking. When a person’s Sun (identity) is in Cancer they will to some degree be identified with their emotional intelligence.

Libra, sitting 90 degrees away from Cancer, is considered the most interpersonal of signs. It’s associated with fairness, elegance, civility, sociability, companionability, and excels at maintaining one-to-one partnerships. When a person’s Moon (emotional needs) is in Libra the feel emotionally nourished when doing things with another person, whether in the romantic or professional contexts.

Of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings, the Cancer Sun, Libra Moon pairing is one of the most socially aware as it combines the emotional intelligence of a Cancer Sun with the interpersonal instincts of a Libra Moon. It’s usually quite stylish, attuned to harmony, and in possession of a smooth, understated brand of sociability. New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, for instance, is a Cancer Sun, Libra Moon whose appearance in a 2001 VISA commercial captures nicely the smooth, stylish, and oh-so-socially suave ways of this pairing. (Chart)

Jeter has graced the covers of GQ, Vanity Fair, and dozens of other fashion magazines. Exuding the natural social confidence the Cancer Sun, Libra Moon native is known for, he was a perfect fit for the Gillette company’s 2008 “Staying Alive” campaign alongside golfer Tiger Woods, whose presence now only serves to highlight Jeter’s gentlemanly demeanor:

The combination of an emotionally sensitive Cancer Sun and a highly social Libra Moon make for a Sun/Moon pairing that is superb at maintaining its poise even in tense situations that could easily escalate out of hand. Consider, for instance, this this video in which Jeter and his lady friend are harassed by the paparrazzi outside a cafe. The photographer is clearly trying to antagonize Jeter (“Why haven’t you married her? Why aren’t you at spring training already?”, he asks) but Jeter responds by gracefully (Libra) diffusing the situation with down-home Cancerian question about the photographer’s home:

At age 37, Jeter is closer to the end of his playing days than he is their beginning. So what comes after baseball? In a 2008 interview with Men’s Health, Jeter expressed interest in owning a major league baseball team someday. That seems a fitting post-career choice for Jeter as Cancer is considered the most financially shrewd of signs while naturally sociable Libra excels at relating to its employees. Heading up an organization as large and loaded with out-sized egos as a major league baseball team just so happens to be the darn near ideal job for Cancer Sun, Libra Moon individual. Of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings this is probably the best one at smoothing out interpersonal conflicts.

Owning a baseball team is certainly an ambitious goal but Jeter may want to consider setting his aims even higher. His North Node (destiny) is in Sagittarius, the sign of far ranging adventures and long distance travels. Curiously enough, the Apollo-Soyuz test project launched (born) July 15th, 1975 is also a Cancer Sun, Libra Moon with its North Node in Sagittarius. (Chart) The first joint space mission between the US and the USSR, the Apollo-Soyuz project is a great example of how smooth and socially diplomatic Cancer/Libra can be when operating when on the world stage:

The joint space mission between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. has some thematic similarities to the maiden voyage of the German luxury vessel The Von Steuben. The subject of a fascinating 2005 article in National Geographic magazine, the Von Steuben was the first German passenger liner to enter New York Harbor following the cessation of World War I. Using its launch date as its date of birth, the Von Steuben is also a Cancer Sun, Libra Moon. (Chart) The epitome of both high class style and cozy comfort for its era, it too was a symbol of post-war peace.

Now you can understand why even after 20 years under the spotlight in the pressure cooker that is the New York City media-celebrity complex it’s darn near impossible to find anybody who has anything bad to say about Derek Jeter. At its best the Cancer Sun, Libra Moon individual is as good keeping the peace as they are at looking stylish.

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