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Virgo Sun, Aries Moon: The Unknown Stuntwoman (Review of “The North Pole” web series)

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Using its premier date as its date of birth the new political comedy series The North Pole has its Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Virgo (the journalist) and its Moon in Aries (the warrior, the activist). (Chart) The show arrives in quirky comedy packaging but is nobody’s fool. Tightly written and smartly edited, each 8-minute episode packs a precision calibrated (Virgo) series of punches (Aries Moon) likely to have audiences laughing, crying, tweeting, and sharing:

In his book Sun Sign, Moon Sign, astrologer Jefferson Anderson describes Virgo/Aries as the Sun/Moon of the “Clark Kent” who “combines energetic enthusiasm with thoughtfulness and common sense.” (Source) That seems a reasonable approximation of the show’s main protagonist Nina. By day she is an unassuming science teacher (Virgo) hamstrung by school budget cuts, by night a Black Panther descended activist (Aries) endowed with the street smarts of a Furious Styles and the single mindedness of an Ellen Ripley. The character basically is Clark Kent, had Clark Kent been portrayed by Pam Grier.

Nina’s flanked by an entourage of three roommates: Marcus, Finn, and Benn — an eclectic trio that are to Nina’s post-Ghostship Oakland, CA what Mccoy, Spock, and Scotty were to Captain Kirk’s post-Enterprise Star Trek. Surrounding them aren’t the Klingons or the Romulan Star Empire but a coalition even more sinister: a “green tech startup” funded by alumni of Chevron and Lockhead Martin that plans on using Oakland as a test-bed for GMO ‘eco-trees’ covered in 360 degree surveillance sensors. A big time local condo developer is also involved, making it reasonable to suspect the deployment of the all-seeing GMO eco-trees is actually stage one of a well planned search-and-suppress, seize-and-destroy operation. It’s probably good the show is so rollickingly zany and easy-to-watch. Otherwise the reality of its medicine (stellium in Virgo) might be too acerbic to handle.

Astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey tell us that Virgo/Aries makes for a great trade unionist who takes a “practical, no-nonsense approach to life” and knows “victory comes to those who do their homework.” (Source) Nina isn’t a trade unionist per-se but she does possess the demeanor and determination of a battle hardened labor organizer. In what might be the first season’s most pivotal scene, she applies a practical, no-nonsense approach to figuring out who exactly is behind the all-seeing GMO eco-tree scheme. It doesn’t take long to see that she has certainly done her homework. The scene is arguably even a bit reminiscent of the “cash for your home” scene in Boyz-N-The-Hood albeit with interwebz research in place of a billboard and gluten free donuts in place of a quart of milk.

There’s no word on whether the show has been picked up for a second season. However, it was launched as Venus (planet of love and money) was moving towards a conjunction with the North Node (destiny) in Leo (bright lights and big hair, celebrities and spotlights). It’s thus not unreasonable to expect the series will find the financing and/or publicity necessary to expand from the far flung back-channels of YouTube and onto more eminent platforms.

About the Author: Matthew David Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or astrological consults at his contact page.

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