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Dear Sports Witch: Progressed Ascendant from Flashy Leo to Meticulous Virgo?

Editor’s Note: this is a new column — “Dear Sports Witch” aka “Hey Sports Witch!” — featuring professional cyclist turned sports psychologist turned astrologer Willow Rockwell, pictured above. It was originally scheduled to appear in Hexagon #3. -Matt

Question: Progressed Ascendant from Flashy Leo to Meticulous Virgo?

Dear Sports Witch,

What role does the ascendant play in a person’s training program? I was born Leo Rising with Venus in Leo but in my progressed chart my ascendant is now Virgo with Mercury/Saturn both right there. I used to do tons of squats and deadlifts — with huge amounts of weight. People would always gawk and admire me and I would gladly answer their training questions. Now I feel like all I do is foam rolling, stretching and these weird “core” exercises to fix “imbalances” that my Pilates friend gave me. Am I ever going to be able to lift heavy weights again or am I stuck trying to activate my transverse abdominus and iron out my anterior pelvic tilt for the rest of my life?

-Neon Deon Leon

Neon Deon Leon,

The ASC rules a person’s body, their life path and their persona. You will always be a Leo rising, but progressions have a major impact on your physical self expression, especially when they first change signs. I am a Pisces rising, but when I progressed into Aries (the amazon warrior princess) I was at the top of my game. At the peak of my career (ranked #1 in the world) my ASC changed into Taurus (the earth mother goddess) and I became pregnant. Seriously, it was that dramatic. I retired after trying to come back after the birth, because I simply did not have the psychic or physical energy for it any longer.

Now I hardly even want to ride a bike! There are other things to do and other ways to move…

To me it sounds like you are very intuitive and right on track with what your body needs. Virgo is the sign of the goddess, and also the sign of the healer and healing. I would be interested to see when you progressed into Virgo, because in the beginning it is a very dramatic shift, but after a while a little bit of your Leo will come back. For now it seems you could benefit from exercising in nature (Virgo is an earth sign) and avoiding the mirrors (Leo) in the gym.

By embracing the feminine energy of the goddess you will balance out all the masculine Leo energy and really become whole. I also think the ladies will like that, and the Leo in you will like that too! It is important to remember that progressions are about moving forward and progressing, which is good! You will be admired as you once were, but now it will be for being a Renaissance man and not just an iron pumping stud.

-The Sports Witch

About the Author: Willow Rockwell — aka “Willow the Sadge Sports Witch” — was a professional cyclist for 17 years. She won two Bronze medals for the United States before retiring to raise her daughters with her husband Myles. The Sports Witch has a BA in psychology, is a Certified Sports Psychology Coach, and studied astrology with Dr. Julie Bresciani. She can be reached via her website

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