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Astrology News Roundup #6: Lunar Eclipse in Pisces Edition

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For the lunar eclipse in Pisces a big issue is the difference between verifiable reality (Virgo) and the world of make believe (Pisces). Example: Stars and Stripes magazine is reporting that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the U.S. taxpayers $5 trillion (and counting). (Source) That equates out to about $55,000 per taxpayer, more if you’re in a higher than average tax bracket, less if you’re in a lower one. For married couples with dual incomes that’s an average of almost $125,000 per household.

The wars were happening at a time when the country was being flooded with ideas via books like The Secret that convinced people their money challenges are entirely a product of a person’s bad thoughts. Excessive negative thinking certainly doesn’t help people mobilize whatever resources may be at their disposal. However, when $125,000 is diverted from each household’s bottom line for the purpose of destroying other countries it’s inevitable that more families are going to struggle. On top of that, getting guilt tripped by those sort of books that it’s all their own fault only adds salt to the psychic wounds that accompany people’s financial struggles. So make believe (Pisces) has been used to distract people from verifiable reality (Virgo), something that is now coming out at the eclipse.

Today’s news roundup:

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces (Dreams, Mysticism, Healing, Psycho-Pharmacology, Strange Stuff)

Pluto in Capricorn: Planet of Power and Purging in the Sign of Big Business, Big Government

Saturn in Sagittarius: Planet of Karma in Sign of Law, Truth, Travel, Publishing, International Relations

Venus/Jupiter in Libra: The Great Benefics in the Sign of Romance, Socializing


About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or astrological consults at his contact page.

Astrology News Round Up #5

Mars (courage) and Jupiter (expansion) are currently conjunct in Virgo, generally thought to be the sign of muckrakers and journalists. Mars/Jupiter is considered an aspect of risk taking and fearlessness, in Virgo it would be fearless muckraking journalism. Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings, pictured above, is an Aquarius born with Mars/Jupiter in Virgo in his natal chart. He had been working on an expose of CIA director John Brennan when his brand new Mercedes mysteriously exploded at a Los Angeles intersection in June 2013 — just a few days before the Ed Snowden leaks as coincidence would have it. If you’d like to read about his chart, have a look at Aquarius Sun, Gemini Moon: The High Tech Hitman. In the meantime, today’s news roundup:

Pluto in Capricorn: Planet of Power and Purging in the Sign of Big Business, Big Government

Saturn in Sagittarius: Planet of Karma in Sign of Law, Academia, Truth, Publishing, International Relations

Mars/Venus/Jupiter in Virgo: Planets of Fighting, Loving, and Expansion in Sign of Health Consciousness

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