Astrology News Roundup

Mars (courage) and Jupiter (expansion) are currently conjunct in Virgo, generally thought to be the sign of muckrakers and journalists. Mars/Jupiter is considered an aspect of risk taking and fearlessness, in Virgo it would be fearless muckraking journalism. Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings, pictured above, is an Aquarius born with Mars/Jupiter in Virgo in his natal chart. He had been working on an expose of CIA director John Brennan when his brand new Mercedes mysteriously exploded at a Los Angeles intersection in June 2013 — just a few days before the Ed Snowden leaks as coincidence would have it. If you’d like to read about his chart, have a look at Aquarius Sun, Gemini Moon: The High Tech Hitman. In the meantime, today’s news roundup:

Pluto in Capricorn: Planet of Power and Purging in the Sign of Big Business, Big Government

Saturn in Sagittarius: Planet of Karma in Sign of Law, Academia, Truth, Publishing, International Relations

Mars/Venus/Jupiter in Virgo: Planets of Fighting, Loving, and Expansion in Sign of Health Consciousness

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