By Matthew David Savinar

Chart for Ammon Bundy, the leader of the militia that has seized a bird sanctuary in Malheur County, Oregon. Off the top of my head, not sure what to say. Usually Virgos come well-prepared with healthy, organic snacks.


Pluto opposing his Cancer Moon is going to hurt and his mutable t-square is getting touched up by the transiting Saturn/Neptune square almost to the degree, an aspect many astrologers have associated with challenges regarding reality (Saturn) versus delusion (Neptune). Mars in late Libra would have been triggering his Uranus at 29 Libra. (My apologies for all the astro-jargon, I’ve been too busy with Issue #2 of Hexagon and our subscribers drive to do a full post on this.)

The New Moon this Saturday at 19 degrees Capricorn (business/government) conjunct Pluto (power/terror) will be in the vicinity of an opposition to his Moon at 6-to-19 degrees Cancer.

Something interesting that has gone largely unmentioned in the mainstream media: Malheur County is known to contain significant, untapped deposits of yellowcake uranium — the same stuff that was the subject of so much intrigue during the lead up to the war in Iraq back in 2003. (Source) Not sure what to make of that but seems worth mentioning since few things that get this much media attention are ever entirely what they seem.

Bundy’s date of birth came from running a check on Place of birth is actually Nevada, time is unknown.

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