Pluto is the planet of terror and transformation, power and purging. The sign and house it transits is the area of life that most requires a purging of corruption. Since 2008, Pluto has been in Capricorn, the sign of big business and big government, the patriarchy and the police state. These are the areas of life that are being purged and transformed by the current Pluto transit. The following articles have been published in the last few weeks, each one has a serious Pluto in Capricorn component to it:

Yasha Levine: How Self Sufficient Peasants Were Whipped into Wage Slaves

Market Watch: Most Americans One Paycheck from Being Homeless

Doc Zone: Why So Many Highly Educated Young Canadians are Jobless

Alternet: Public Hospital Serves Poor Patients by Suing Them

Alternet: Finance Industry Gorging Itself on Your Future

Counterpunch: Wall Street Declaring War on People’s Pensions

Forbes: The Rise of the 1099 Economy

Salon: Forget Retirement, You’ll Probably Have to Work Forever

Salon: How the Rich Get Richer by Staying Hidden

USA Today: Health Care Costs Crippling the American Middle Class

Bloomberg: For the Wealthiest Political Donors, 2014 Was a Very Good Year

NY Times: Writers Say They Feel Censored by Government Surveillance

UK Telegraph: Toddlers to be Checked for Signs They’ll Become Terrorists

The Intercept: How the Iraq War Financed a Beltway Real Estate Boom

Here in the United States, Pluto has been going through the 2nd House of the U.S. natal chart. The 2nd House is “skills to pay the bills”. In the chart of a country it represents how the country supports itself, the national economy.

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