I won’t have time to do a full article on the entry of Saturn (planet of karma, structure) into Sagittarius (sign of travel, religion, truth, faith, and crusades) for another few weeks but my colleague Willow has one ready for her subscribers. I received it earlier today as a result of my subscription to her site and, like Michael Lutin’s forecasts from the other day, it was well worth it.

As far as the news goes, Saturn’s been in Sagittarius since December 23rd. Each of following articles has been published since then. Each involves issues of collective karma (Saturn) as they pertain to travel, truth, morality, religion, or overseas crusades (Sagittarius) in some fashion:

Saturn is the planet of restriction while Sagittarius is the sign of expansion. During Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius we are likely to better understand the karmic consequences (Saturn) of unfettered economic expansion (Sagittarius). Vice News just released a two part article on this very issue: The End of Endless Growth

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