Mars, planet of fighting, has been in Aquarius since December 4th. This is the sign of the Genius, the Heretic, the Inventor, the Mad Scientist, the Rebel, the Revolutionary, the Exile, and the Eccentric. According to astrologers Steven and Jodi Forrest, people with Mars (assertion) in Aquarius (independence) express their inner warrior by questioning authority, breaking rules, and exploring cutting edge methodologies. (Source) This is the Mars placement most likely to engage in iconoclastic, visionary, alternative, or antithetical forms of behavior. The following news articles have all been published since December 4th when Mars moved into Aquarius. You’ll notice that each one involves Mars (fighting, conflict) in Aquarius (for the future, via technology) in some fashion:

What U.S. Intelligence Predicted the World Would Look Like in 2015

What the film “Back to the Future” Got Right About the Year 2015

Hacker Clones Politician’s Fingerprints Using Regular Long Distance Photo

The Craziest Sci-Fi Fantasies that Got Closer to Reality This Year

African Math Program Seeks to Produce the Next Einstein

Group Behind the Sony Hack Threatening CNN

FBI Thinks Private Companies May be Launching Vigilante Attacks on Hackers

New Search Engine Qwant Wants to be Alternative to Google

Intel Files Patent for Real Time Facial Recognition

DARPA Wants Super Smart Drone that Hunts Like a Hawk

Aerial Drones the Hot Selling Holiday Gift of 2014

BioHacker Start Up Creating Vegan Cheese with Human DNA

Scientists Terrified of Geoengineering Technologies to Combat Global Warming

Vanity Fair Profile of Travis Kalanick, CEO of Smartphone Car Service “Uber”

Strong Willed Visionaries, Unmanageable Journalists Clash at “First Look Media”

Amazon, Hachette Go to War Over Electronic Book Publishing

Pacific Standard has an article on how traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) considers disorders like asthma more emotional in origin than physical. At first that sounds like something Mars in Virgo (health consciousness) would be into but the article approaches the matter from a point of view that breaks the rules of mainstream, Western medicine which tells us there is no connection between mind and body. So it is actually a very Mars in Aquarius style approach. Aquarius is also the sign of the electricity and TCM fights (Mars) disease by adjusting the body’s subtle electrical currents (Aquarius).

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