By Matthew David Savinar

The Moon represents a person’s emotional body, their instinctual nature, their unconscious, their true motivations, the most fundamental part of one’s psyche. It tells us what a person’s needs are, what type of emotional food they must have on a regular basis in order to feel themselves. It is loosely analogous to the female or “yin” part of a person’s psyche. If a person’s Sun sign (conscious identity) can be analogized to the tip of an iceberg, the Moon is the rest of the iceberg. The Sun is the part of somebody you meet on the first date, the Moon is who you’ll get to know after spending 8 consecutive weekends with them.

Aries is associated with daring and danger, courage and competition, fierce independence and instantaneous reactions. It is ruled by Mars, the raging red planet of courage, confrontation, combat and competition. This is the sign of the Trail Blazer and the Troublemaker, the Firestarter and the Firefighter, the Lone Explorer and the Last Man Standing, the Daredevil and the Disruptor, the Survivor and the Superhero, the Amazon Warrior Princess and the Ass-Kicker in Chief. When a person’s Moon (emotional needs) is in Aries (challenge) they are nourished by anything that involves kicking ass, fighting back, or going head-to-head. In the animal kingdom Aries is symbolized by the Ram, an aggressive beast who confronts rivals by ramming its head into them. For Aries Moons, the expression of Ram-like behavior is a basic necessity for their physical and emotional well-being.

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Astrologer Raven Kaldera associates the Aries Moon with the Irish myth of “Macha”, a courageous if hot-headed goddess who never backed down from a fight. (Source) To illustrate: using its release date as its date of birth, the Macha-inspired rap song “Move b****, get out the way” by rapper-philosopher Ludacris has its Moon in Aries. (Chart) So too does Mixed Martial Arts superstar Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey. She’s the fighter seen ramming her head into her opponent in the below video. “Move b****, get out the way”, indeed:

According to astrologer Linda Goodman, all Rams have one career, “Winning is their chief occupation. They list it that way on their resumes. Occupation: WINNING!” (Source) When it is the Moon (needs) that is in Aries this preoccupation with winning is wired into the deepest parts of the person’s psyche. In the case of Lunar Ram Ms. Rousey, she’s won every single one of her fights as a professional fighter with almost all of her wins ending in less than one minute.

Having the symbol of emotional needs and receptivity in the most angry, aggressive, and fiercely independent of signs can be a real challenge, particularly for women who are still socialized to be codependent vessels that should prioritize finding “Mr. Big” above the fulfillment of their own passions. Aries Moon females who don’t feel okay expressing their inner Macha from early on will often suffer from fatigue disorders when they reach adulthood as all that Aries Moon energy stays locked in and eventually implodes their system. Rather than allow them to express what may be an socially unacceptable level built up anger and aggression, their subconscious simply pulls the plug on their entire body-mind and they go into total shutdown mode — in which case they may not seem like feisty Aries Moons at all.

Obviously not all Aries Moons will get their needs (Moon) for fights (Aries) met by actual hand-to-hand combat like Ms. Rousey. Jeffrey Wigand, the corporate whistleblower who almost single handedly took down the big tobacco companies back in the 1990s is a good example of an Aries Moon in the business or political world. (Chart) His battle with big tobacco is a high profile but fundamentally accurate example of the sort of cause a textbook Aries Moon is attracted to. If Wigand’s name no longer rings a bell, he was portrayed by actor Russel Crowe in the 1999 film The Insider:

The Aries Moon’s instinctual nature is to be courageous right up to the point of being dangerous. Inevitably the line between “risky” and “reckless” gets crossed, at least until a certain degree emotional maturity has been developed. This is why, according to astrologer Liz Greene, “Aries gets himself into a lot of trouble as often as he wins honors and accomplishes the impossible at the same time”. (Source) Neither Tom Cruise or the film Top Gun are Aries Moons but the Maverick character portrayed by Cruise in the film sure expresses as an Aries Moon. In the film’s first ten minutes he exhibits textbook Aries Moon courage when he disobeys orders in order to rescue another pilot despite being nearly out of fuel himself. Later in the film his recklessness gets his best friend killed.

The Aries Moon is just as passionate about romantic battles as professional or political ones. In fact its within matters of the heart that the Aries Moon is most likely to throw caution to the wind and wisdom out the door in favor of pursuing their quarry with all the ferocity of a barbarian chief storming the walls of a Roman city. Astrologers Ren Alexander and Geraldine Rose tell us, “To Aries, love is warfare. They want the challenge, the battle and the conquest. In the Aries psyche, it is a very short step from conflict to sexual arousal.” (Source) Actress Lucy Lawless is an Aries Moon best known for portraying Xena: Warrior Princess, a character whose sexual appeal stems from the fact she spends much of her time in battle, conquest, and conflict. (Chart)

Aries is the sign of the Knight in Shining Armor so when a person’s Moon (needs) is in this sign they often exhibit an almost compulsive need to find some damsel-in-distress to rescue, no matter how ill-advised such a campaign may be. Pamela Anderson and Heather Locklear are both Aries Moons who attempted to rescue that tattooed damsel-in-distress known as Tommy Lee.

Fortunately, age does temper this impulsiveness a bit. But not usually not until the lunar Ram has reached his or her fifth or sixth decade on the planet. The upside to this sense of martial impulsiveness is that Aries Moons do retain a youthful joie de vivre well into their elder years. The Jarritos’ spokesman “The Urban Luchador” sure expresses as an Aries Moon whose managed to feed his need to rescue damsels in distress while also retaining a youthful joie de vivre:

Ecologically, Aries is associated with the spring equinox when plants are courageously bursting through the soil and animals are emerging from hibernation to battle for both territory and mating opportunities. If you can imagine a plant piercing that top layer of dirt only to announce to the entirety of its surrounding ecosystem, “Aries Moon in the house, bitches better recognize!!!” you will have grasped the fundamental emotional nature of this placement. That may sound like an exaggeration but it really isn’t. To illustrate: Using the date of its founding as its date of birth, the upstart athletic apparel company Under Armour is an Aries Moon. (Chart) Not coincidentally, the company is best known for its “bitches better recognize!” themed television commercials which resemble war dances as much as product pitches:

As the primary indicator of a person’s emotional needs, the Moon tells us a lot about what domestic situations a person will most thrive in as well as what they need to be physically healthy. Astrologers Steven and Jodi Forest tell us that when the Moon is in Aries, the home “may be full of the ‘spoils of war’ – or its weapons. A trophy from a doubles tennis tournament they won. Skis or bicycles on the wall.” (Source) Stunt pilot Melisa Pemberton, recently featured alongside her husband Rex Pemberton in an Outside Magazine article entitled “As Long as They Both Shall Live”, is an Aries Moon. (Chart) From what the Outside article tells us, the inside of Pembertons’ house looks exactly like the sort of place an Aries Moon would feel at home:

Their toys and work gear crowd the shelves in the basement: tents and skis, ropes, harnesses, diving tanks and a surfboard, 11 parachutes . . . The garage holds the overflow: mountain and road bikes, the powered paraglider, a sailboard, a Yamaha R6 street bike . . .” (Source)

Make sure to watch at least the first 15 seconds of this video of Mrs. Pemberton as “bitches definitely gonna recognize” the Aries Moon spirit in this woman:

When a person’s Moon (emotional needs) is in Aries (confrontation) they only feel themselves when, much like their animal symbol, they’re ramming their head against a challenge. In most cases the head-ramming will take place on the professional or emotional arenas. If they’re into business maybe the Aries Moon will start a company that ends up goes head-to-head against a much more established company. If they grow up to be an attorney maybe they end up going head-to-head against uber-funded mega-corporations like Monsanto or Goldman Sachs.

As the future world-beaters of the Zodiac, Aries Moons can be quite hellions as children. The child who rips up his career assessment/aptitude printout in grade school because there was no option for “Professional Ass-Kicker” is likely an Aries Moon. That’s because because Aries is quite literally the Moon sign most associated with the super hero profession. To illustrate: using the comic book’s original publication date as the character’s date of birth, Superman himself is an Aries Moon. (Chart) Curiously enough, so too is Supergirl based on the release date of the 1984 film bearing her name. (Chart)

Actress Lucy Lawless has both her Sun and her Moon in Aries. (Chart) She is best known for portraying “Xena: Warrior Princess”, a character that has much in common with Superwoman and other comic book heros. (Chart) Actress Lynda Carter, whose name is nearly synonymous with “Wonder Woman” – is also an Aries Moon. (Chart)

As you might have surmised by now, women with their Moons in Aries tend to be tomboys who are willing to go head-to-head with men or to blaze trails in male-dominated arenas. Heidi Fleiss, for instance, is an Aries Moon who made a name for herself at the highest ranks of of the sex trade management industry, a professional arena long dominated by men. (Chart)

Having a Macha-like warrior-goddess at one’s side sounds quite exciting but it comes with some pretty big challenges. For starters Aries Moon women can be quite demanding in both their professional and personal lives. The authors of Astrology Uncut: Your Street Smart Guide to the Stars tell us that, “Aries lets their dicks to the talking. If the Aries is a female then her inner dick does the talking” while Hazel Dixon Cooper tells us that the Aries woman is the woman “most likely to jump start her vibrator with a Ducati motorcycle.” (Source) For those who may not know what a Ducati motorcycle looks like, here is a video of a circa 2010 model. It’s got “Aries Moon” written all over it:

When not blowing out her town’s electrical grid in pursuit of recreational pleasures, the Aries Moon female can be found girding her loins for the end of days. Astrologer Rowan Davis refers to the Aries woman as the “Princess of Pestilence” who “never backs down from a fight . . . Frequently, her mind turns to the dark, mysterious, and dangerous parts of life including her possibly important role in the Apocalypse.” (Source) Films with their Moons in Aries will, not coincidentally, often involve women thrust into important roles amid apocalyptic like situations. The 2012 film The Hunger Games, for instance, has both its Sun and its Moon in Aries. (Chart) It stars Jennifer Lawrence as an Aries Moon Princess of Pestilence who must survive a kill or be killed competition set inside a post-apocalyptic dystopia:

Going on a date with an Aries Moon man? Here’s a hint: suggest something that resembles a James Bond movie as much as you think the rest of his chart will support. This is because James Bond himself is an Aries Moon, based on the publication date (4/13/53) of Ian Fleming’s first Bond novel. (Chart) Sean Connery, the first actor to portray James Bond, has his North Node (destiny) in Aries. (Chart) Daniel Craig, the current James Bond and widely considered second only to Sean Connery in terms of Bondian authenticity, has Mars, Saturn, Moon, and North Node all in Aries. (Chart)

Any lunar placement as intensely courageous as Aries when operating at its most harmonious is going to have an intense disharmonious side on its bad days. At its worst this is the lunar placement of the war-monger and the soldier of fortune who believes “might makes right” and puts self-interest above all else. This is the Moon placement most likely to either fight the wrong war or fight the appropriate war but not realize when it’s time to put down arms and make peace. Gangster Al Capone, famously portrayed by Robert Deniro in the 1987 film The Untouchables, is a Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon who combined the ruthlessness of the Mountain Goat with the excessive aggression of the Ram. (Chart) The result was a life sustained by brutality that ended infamy.

The Moon indicates not only our emotional needs but also how tend to the needs of others. When the Moon is in Aries the person will nurture others by fighting for or on behalf of them. You can think of the Aries Moon as the lunar placement of the zodiac’s “911 Force” who we call when there is true evil that needs to be confronted. Some examples should help illustrate this. Paul Revere, best known for his midnight ride through the streets of Boston, is a Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon. (Chart) Nat Turner, the slave who led the 1831 slave rebellion throughout Virgina is a Libra Sun, Aries Moon. (Chart) Harriet Beecher Stowe, whose book Uncle Tom’s Cabin set off the Civil War, is a Gemini Sun, Aries Moon. (Chart) Malcolm X, the Civil Rights leader who gladiated his way through the racist power structure of segregation era United States, is a Taurus Sun, Aries Moon. (Chart)

The phrase for which Malcom X was known, “By any means necessary . . .”, is essentially a more mature, more serious minded way of saying “Bitches better recognize we aren’t taking this any longer.”

Malcolm X has a Taurus Sun, Aries Moon astro-twin that begs to be mentioned: Oskar Shindler, the German industrialist whose efforts to save Jews was memorialized in the 1993 Steven Speilberg film bearing his name, is also a Taurus Sun, Aries Moon. (Chart)

That Oskar Schindler and Malcolm X are both Aries Moons should come as no surprise. At its most effective the Aries Moon individual goes from being a mere soldier-of-fortune out for their own glory to a spiritual soldier out for a higher cause.

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    Great article, have Aries moon myself, just to correct you on the actor who portrayed Al Capone in the movie The Untouchables, it was Robert De Niro and not Al Pacino. However an interesting fact is that Al portrayed Tony Montana in Scarface a later version based loosely on Al Capone.