I recently picked up Sexual Astrology: A Sign by Sign Guide to the Stars by an astrologer who goes solely by the name “Martine”. As far as Sun sign books it’s pretty decent. The most interesting part(s) are where Martine links each of the signs to certain sexual practices of a distinctly “non-Christian” nature. Here, for instance, is Martine’s take on the Aries female:

Her appetites are voracious, even animalistic . . . She likes to be in complete control of the sex act, the one who calls the signals. In the prone position, she is usually the one on top. Her key is control. She wants to virtually dictate the process towards orgasm.

You can expect her to shout, scream, groan, scratch, bite, and claw. If you don’t care about scars, give the Aries woman full play. But check the length of her fingernails first. Aries women tend to like things with sharp edges, so she may have long and finely pointed nails. You don’t want the bed to look like a battlefield when you’re done! (Source)

And that’s just for starters. A bit later in the chapter Martine explains the lengths the Aries female will go to in order to overcome boredom:

She loves to do what is shocking or forbidden. This can lead her into active sexual sadism. For her, this often means the use of leather belts or whips to subjugate the male. The bizarre looking woman wearing high boots with spike heels, rubber clothes, leather gloves, etc., is usually an Aries woman getting her kicks. She will use her body to tease him, and when he reacts to her he will be rewarded with a blow from a cane or a stinging lash of a whip. The master-slave relationship gives her orgasm after orgasm. (Source)

Generally BDSM is associated with Capricorn (who loves order), Leo (who loves being the boss), Scorpio (who loves intensity), or Virgo (who loves kink) but Martine associates the practice primarily with Aries.

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