Charles Ramsey, the frank speaking neighbor who assisted Amanda Berry break free from the home of her captor, is being heralded as the “hero” of the Ohio kidnapping case. Ramsey and another man by the name of Angel Cordero certainly deserve credit for their role in the escape but truth be told it’s Ms. Berry who is the true hero. One of the grisly details that has emerged from the case is how total the captivity was. Monday evening May 6th at approximately 5:50 pm was apparently the first opportunity to escape that had presented itself in the course of 10 years. (Source) Most people would (understandably) have had their will to escape long since broken but not Ms. Berry, whose North Node (destiny) is in Aries (the Warrior) and ruled by Mars (fighting) in Capricorn (the General).

Berry initiated her escape when the Sun was in Taurus and the Moon was in Aries. That’s the same Sun/Moon combination as both Oskar Schindler (of Schindler’s List) and revolutionary African American leader Malcolm X. Malcolm X’s name is synonymous with the philosophy of “By any means necessary”, something Ms. Berry’s name can now rightfully be associated with as well.