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Scorpio is the sign most associated with the psychology of sex while Virgo is the sign most associated with holistic health. As astrologer Linda Goodman explains in her book Love Signs, the pursuit of sexual (Scorpio) wholeness (Virgo) can keep this pairing occupied for a lifetime:

Scorpio is drawn by the sheer honesty and simplicity Virgo brings to intimacy, for Scorpio, although very curious about the sensual aspects of sex, inwardly sense the purity of its mystical meaning – and potential. Virgo longs wistfully to learn the intangible, inexpressible secrets of mating Scorpio seems to know instinctively. Neither sign ever abandons their whole selves to sexual blending. Each holds back, for different reasons, some private, untouched core of beingness. To achieve total consummation is a challenge which can stimulate [this pairing] through the years, allowing them to achieve real wholeness. (Source)

Experimental film maker and professional astrologer Antero Alli is a Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon. (Chart) If Suzan Miller is the astrology world’s celebrity spokeswoman then Alli is its renegade occultist who “gets into his work” almost as much as some of the Scorpio/Virgos discussed in Part I of this series. In addition to developing the “8 Circuit” model of consciousness, Alli has written extensively about “planetary forces as sexual realities”. Contemporary astrological discourse tends to shy away from discussing sex (Scorpio) with any real precision (Virgo) but, as Alli points out, “With a little common sense, astrologers can crack the sexual code of a chart with straight talk and specific information”. (Source)

Scorpio/Virgo’s value probing (Scorpio) accuracy (Virgo) over mass market appeal. Alli, for instance, has something of a cult following but, as he made clear in a recent interview, doesn’t care too much if he’s embraced by members of either the mainstream or the fringe.

Some Scorpio/Virgos will apply their intense (Scorpio) astuteness (Virgo) to cracking the code of physical wholeness. Fitness guru Vince Gironda is a Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon. (Chart) If Jack Lalanne was the movie star celebrity of the 20th century health & fitness industry Gironda was its maverick technician. Astrologer Carolyn Reynolds says of the Scorpio/Virgo male, “He will tell you when your dieting has gone to far, and puts his foot down that you have forgotten your vitamins again”. (Source) That’s definitely a good description of Gironda. He was advocating organic foods, raw vegetables, digestive enzymes, and his own line of natural supplements at a time when people were still decades away from questioning the chemical based theocracy of industrial food conglomerates. His philosophy of functional “Stone Age Fitness” predated the current “Paleo” and “Cross Fit” crazes by a good 60 years. You could say he was to the world of fitness what Antero Alli is to the world of astrology: a renegade ahead of his time who just didn’t give a f–k if his work appealed to the masses or not.

Scorpio virgo
Pictured Above: Legendary Fitness Guru Vince Gironda (Source: IronGuru.com)

Scorpio/Virgos are passionate helping others but they have next to no patience for overgrown egotistical bullshit from those who seek their help. For instance, when a young Arnold Schwarzenegger walked into Gironda’s gym around around 1979 Gironda asked him who he was. Schwarzenegger announced that he was “Mr. Universe”. Gironda replied “Well you look like a fat fuck to me” and then booted him out of his gym. Fortunately for the future “governator”, he was later allowed back where he flourished under Gironda’s tutelage.

Strange coincidence #1: actress Jenny McCarthy is a Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon. (Chart) She’s best known for hosting MTV’s mid-1990s dating show “Singled Out” but more recently has made a radical break with what’s “socially sanctioned” by the pharmacological-financial complex. McCarthy, whose son was diagnosed with autism in 2005, has been very vocal about her belief that mercury in vaccines is the true cause of the condition. According to McCarthy holistic modalities such as chelation therapy have helped her son recover from the condition far more so than protocols put forth by the corporate medical establishment.

Strange coincidence #2: Swiss herbalist Alfred Vogel, sometimes referred to as the “Father of Natural Healing”, is also a Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon. (Chart) You may not have heard of Vogel but you quite likely have ingested a herbal remedy he helped bring to the western masses. The plant Echinacea was brought to his attention by a medicine man while traveling among the Sioux Indians. He took some seeds with him and begun cultivating the planet upon his return to Switzerland. The herb can now be found on the shelves of pretty much every health food store on the planet.So next time you feel a cold coming on and you pop some store bought Echinacea just remember that you have a Scorpio/Virgo to thank for that.

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