Pluto (Terror, Extremes) in Capricorn (Big Business, Big Government)

Yahoo: IRS Using High Tech Tools to Track Your Online Movements, Social Media

U.S. News & World Report: IRS Supercomputer Knows Far More About You Than You Realize

Huffington Post: IRS Says Agents Can Read Your Emails, No Need for Warrant

Vice Magazine: If the IRS Wants to Read Your Email the IRS Will Read Your Email

The Atlantic: Bill Gives IRS Right to Revoke Your Passport if You Owe Money (Relink)

The Atlantic: The Terrifying Reality of Long Term Unemployment

The Atlantic: Jobs Crisis for Young Attorneys Has Reached Catastrophic Proportions

PC Mag: It’s Not Paranoia, Your Boss Really is Watching You (Workplace Surveillance)

Vice Magazine: Retail Giants Found Keeping Database “Blacklists” of Who Not To Hire

NY Times: Corporate Owned Software to Grade Essays in Place of Professors

National Defense Magazine: DARPA Building Robots with Human Like Brains

Uranus (Sudden Shocks) in Aries (Courage, Confrontation, Self-Preservation)

Jupiter (Expansion, Good Fortune) in Gemini (Connectivity, Cross-Pollination)

Saturn (Karma, Hard Work) in Scorpio (Sex, Death, Covert Operations)

Neptune (Inspiration and Illusion) in Pisces (Imagery, Spirituality, Altered States)

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