By Matthew David Savinar

This post originally appeared in the monthly in-house newsletter for KOWS 107.3 FM where The North Bay Astrology Show with Matt Savinar is broadcast from:

Using its date of incorporation as its date of birth, the town of Sebastopol, California has its Sun (identity) in Gemini and its Moon (emotional needs) in Libra. (Chart)


Gemini is “the Communicator” of the zodiac known for its quick communications, cross-pollination, and chatting late into the night. Libra is “the Social Director” of the zodiac known for its sociability and relational skills. Combine the highly communicative nature of a Gemini Sun with the uber-social instincts of a Libra Moon and you get a Sun/Moon pairing that is chatty, charming, and extremely clever. A deft and delightful companion whether in the office carpool or out at a coffee shop, this pairing lives life according to the philosophy of “gaiety, good times, and the gift of gab” while enjoying a variety of “vistas, viewpoints, and vivacious visitors”. It’s often as dexterous physically as it is socially. Legendary dancer and civil rights activist Josephine Baker, for instance, is a Gemini Sun, Libra Moon known as much for her vivacious personality as for her uber-dexterous dance moves. (Chart)

Like many Gemini/Libras, Baker excelled in a variety of professions. In addition to being a professional dancer, she also worked for the French resistance as a spy during World War II where her Gemini/Libra sociability became a surprisingly effective asset for espionage work. According to Baker’s Wikipedia page, her job was to “report any gossip she heard at parties that might be of use to her adopted country.” She also smuggled secret codes in and out of Nazi occupied territories by embedding them within her music sheets. Gemini/Libra can be extremely clever!

Bi-lingual, bi-sexual, and bi-racial, Baker adopted 12 children, each of a different ethnicity. She was also married four times to four men, each of a different nationality and/or ethnicity. Only a Sun/Moon pairing as socially deft, superbly diplomatic and as comfortable viewing things from different perspectives as Gemini/Libra could pull off such relational arrangements while maintaining a light heart and an open mind. Baker lived most of her life abroad but likely would have felt right at home in a town as socially active and politically progressive as Sebastopol.