Combine the capacity for anonymity of a Virgo Sun with the clandestine instincts of a Scorpio Moon and you get what might be the most effective Sun/Moon combination for the world of high-stakes spy-craft. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson calls this the combination of “The Sly Fox” whose “intellectual bearing masks a deeply secretive inner nature”. (Source) According to astrologer Bil Tierney, this pairing “is unbeatable at detective work, whether in trying to solve a crime, uncover a mystery of science, or probe deeply into a troubled psyche.” (Source) To illustrate: using its establishment date as its date of birth, the CIA is a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Chart) The image you’re looking at is a photo of a CIA agent tried (in absentia) for conducting an illegal abduction in Milan. (Source) It was released by Italian prosecutors in 2005 and brought to wider public attention by author/artist Trevor Paglen through a series of art exhibits and his 2010 book Invisible: Classified Landscapes and Covert Operations. (Source)

Source: Paglen.com
Source: Paglen.com

Virgo is the Sun sign most likely to prefer working in quiet anonymity while secrecy is a deep seated emotional need for any person, organization, or “entity” with their Moon in Scorpio. So metaphorically an image of an anonymous (Virgo) man in black (Scorpio) is an excellent approximation of the CIA’s Sun/Moon pairing.

Virgo/Scorpios tend to be very smart dressers even when they’re involved in very dirty work. In the above image, for instance, you might have noticed how neatly the agent’s tie is tied.

Interesting Bit of Synchronicity: The CIA is generally listed as a Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon but as I’ve made quite clear in this article, that’s only because most astrologers are using the wrong date of birth for the agency. The agency’s supposed Leonine identity can thus be likened to the astrological equivalent of a “cover” identity similar to those donned by agents on clandestine missions. In other words, it just so happens that the government agency whose employees are most likely to operate under cover identities that don’t actually exist is generally identified with an astrological chart that doesn’t actually exist. Strange how that works out isn’t it?

Contrary to its outsized depiction in mass media, the bulk of the work the CIA does is careful “analysis” (Virgo) of intelligence regarding “secrets” (Scorpio). Looking through phone records, sifting through emails, pouring over satellite photos to find minor anomalies that may lead to larger conspiracies are the sort of detailed, highly analytical (Virgo) methods that are the CIA’s bread and butter, not strutting around showing off like the textbook Leo. The quiet professionals (Virgo Sun) at the agency get all of this precision work done behind a wall of obsessive secrecy that any Scorpio Moon can appreciate.

Strange Coincidence: Using its premier date of 9/17/66 as its date of birth, the hit 1960s television series Mission Impossible is a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Chart) Like their real life Virgo/Scorpio counterparts at the CIA, the members of the “Impossible Mission Force” accomplish their objectives through the use of subtlely effective (Virgo) yet totally secret (Scorpio) methods. Each week their methods of choice would be previewed in the show’s famously compelling opening montage:

Reading through the Mission Impossible plot summaries it’s clear the show’s writers were inspired by some of the CIA’s most clandestine operations of that era. The 1969 episode “The Brothers”, for instance, was clearly based on the CIA’s 1956 overthrow of Iranian president Mohammed Mossadegh. The series also included an episode entitled “The Astrologer” where the Impossible Mission Force manipulates a target’s fascination with astrology in order to track him down. I seriously doubt the CIA or any other intelligence agency is using astrology in such a fashion these days but astrology was the basis of some bizarre psychological operations during World War II. (Source)

Strange Coincidence #2: Using its premier date as its date of birth, the 1997 film Gattaca is a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon. (Chart) The film takes place in a futuristic society whose genetic based caste system is enforced by way of advanced surveillance technologies, some of which appear not all together different than what the CIA is rumored to have in its arsenal.


The film’s protagonist, a member of the lowest genetic “caste”, adopts a clandestinely obtained identity not to conduct an overseas abduction operation but to go on a mission to space. Given the ubiquitous nature of genetic surveillance in his society his goal is essentially an “impossible mission” – the exact sort of thing that a Virgo/Scorpio is capable of accomplishing quietly (Virgo) while hidden in the shadows (Scorpio).

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