By Matthew David Savinar

Combine the emotional courage of a Scorpio Sun with the freedom-loving, humanitarian-oriented instincts of an Aquarius Moon and you get a Sun/Moon pairing that is intellectually defiant, intensely determined, and immensely passionate about those gross injustices which society just accepts as part of the status quo. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson calls this pairing “The Guru” whose “visions and insights are a bit far out for most people because you are usually about ten or twelve years ahead of your time.” (Source) Scholar and technology prodigy Aaron Swartz is a Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon. (Chart) If Swartz’s name doesn’t ring a bell he’s the young man who spearheaded the effort to stop SOPA, the “anti-piracy” bill that would have subjected Americans to massive fines and long term prison sentences for “crimes” as benign as linking to a funny YouTube video on their Facebook page. (No joke)

According to a CNN article, Swartz played an instrumental role in the internet’s vast expansion over the last decade. (Source) Among other things he invented RSS technology, was a founder of Reddit (one of the most popular news sites on the internet) and was key in the development of both Wikipedia and the concept of Creative Commons. Take a look at what astrologer Carolyn Reynolds has to say about the textbook Scorpio/Aquarius male in her 1992 book and see if it isn’t an uncannily accurate description of Swartz:

This man is eccentric. He reminds me of a very pleasant and sociable visitor from another planet. That people think him odd or peculiar is of little or no concern to him. His intellect is tuned in to the scientific. His first toy was probably a computer. His first word was “starship”. He is often a loner amidst a crowd of adoring worshipers. He is a prophetic inventor and can visualize society in the next few decades. (Source)

In January 2013 Schwartz killed himself. He was facing 14 felony counts, 30 years in prison, and a million dollar fine for downloading too many back issues of academic articles from JSTOR, the intentionally open online library where MIT, Harvard and other universities store their journal archives. A number of legal scholars have expressed shock that the government would come down so hard on somebody for a “crime” analogous to checking out too many books from the library. One can’t help but suspect the government’s draconian pursuit of Swartz was reprisal for the key role he played in stopping SOPA, a bill which would have dramatically expanded government control of the internet.

Aaron Swartz is a Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon (Photo:Daniel J. Sieradski)
Aaron Swartz is a Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon (Photo:Daniel J. Sieradski)

In the weeks following his death The Atlantic published an editorial stating that he was pushed to suicide by “reckless prosecutorial excess”. (Source) Writing in the New Yorker magazine, law professor Tim Wu compared Swartz to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak concluding, “the great ones always operate at the edge”. (Source)

“At the edge” is exactly where the textbook Scorpio/Aquarius feels most comfortable. Linda Goodman warns her readers to “have your seat-belts on” when these two signs meet as they form an intensely unpredictable combination which generates the type of energy that “makes windmills spin, ships sail, trains run, and spacecraft break the time barrier.” (Source) The time barrier hasn’t been broken yet but if it ever is you can bet a Scorpio/Aquarius will be involved. To illustrate: Guy Martin, the British motorcycle racer who can be seen here outracing a helicopter at speeds exceeding 200 mph, is a Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon. (Chart) In 2011 Martin was the subject of TT3D: Closer to the Edge, an appropriately titled documentary given the edge-dwelling nature of his Sun/Moon pairing.

According to a Guardian review of the documentary, it’s “a saturnalia of excitement, saturated with thrills and a sense of danger that is almost spiritual.” (Source) That’s actually a pretty good approximation of life for the textbook Scorpio/Aquarius whether they ply their trade on high speed motorcycles or via high speed internet connections. This pairing is often involved in matters that are shocking, jolting, or even terrifying – at least to those individuals less accustomed to living life so close to the edge.

Scorpio/Aquarius women are just as likely to operate at the edge of societal norms as their male counterparts. Prostitute rights spokeswoman Marie-Claude Peyronnet-Masson aka “Ulla” is a Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon. (Chart) In 1975 she organized a strike of 300 of Parisian prostitutes who blocked roads and occupied churches throughout France until the government formally recognized their rights. (Source) In many ways her effort to organize prostitutes against government harassment was not all together different than Aaron Swartz’s effort to organize internet denizens against government censorship. She would later appear on the cover of her autobiography Ulla par Ulla (Ulla on Ulla):

British author Naomi Mitchison is another Scorpio/Aquarius who has a number of things in common with both Mr. Swartz and Ms. Ulla. (Chart) Like Ulla, she wrote candidly and powerfully about taboo topics such as rape, abortion, prostitution, and women’s rights. Like Swartz she was very interested in science (including space travel) and was on her government’s official hit list, the British government’s so-called “Orwell List” of suspected anti-government sympathizers. She was also something of a hacker, at least in a manner of speaking. During World War II she smuggled letters out of Nazi occupied Austria by concealing them in her knickers, the 1940s equivalent of smuggling articles out of a country on a flash drive.

Probably the most famous Scorpio/Aquarius native is philosopher François-Marie Arouet better known by his nom de plume (screen name?) Voltaire. (Chart) Like Aaron Swartz, Voltaire was an outspoken critic of the establishment at a time when draconian censorship laws were on the books. A number of Voltaire’s works powerfully articulated the need for free speech, a concept which was as threatening to the religious establishment of his era as free culture is to the business establishment of our own. At one point he did hard time in the Bastille for insulting a member of the French nobility. He was later forced to flee to Britain to avoid further persecution.

Voltaire is a Scorpio/Aquarius
Voltaire is a Scorpio Sun, Aquarius Moon

Voltaire would likely have deeply sympathized with Swartz as he too had experience with “reckless prosecutorial excess”, both as a person on the receiving end of it and as a champion of the wrongly accused. In 1763 he took up the case of Jean Calas, a Hugenot merchant who was wrongly convicted of murdering his son for converting to Catholicism. By 1765 Voltaire managed to get the conviction overturned. Unfortunately for Calas he was already dead at that point.

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached for questions, comments, or astrological consults at his contact page.

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  • me123 says:

    One of my best friends, and now a potential love interest have this pairing. I’m a taurus sun leo moon. Absolute opposites! I feel so complete when I’m around them. I always want to see them happy. What I recognize is a sense of insecurity at times.. and that’s where I can help. I want to be their fuel to reach their dreams. I want to be their cheerleader.

    They have no idea how much they make me happy.. I don’t know how to tell them as they usually don’t operate on the emotional plane.

    If you have this pairing, I just want to say, I already love you 🙂