The Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon in Scorpio today so a good time to review one of the toughest of the 144 Sun/Moon pairings. Capricorn is the Lord of Order and Strategy while Scorpio is the Sorceress of Sex & Soul. Put the two together and get a Sun/Moon pairing oriented towards emotional self-possession, power through stealth, and being impossible to resist. This combination of intensely potent traits makes for a terrifying supervillain if cast for evil or an anti-hero of tremendous psychological depth if cast for good.

Singer Pat Benatar and actress Jane Badler are both Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon natives. Benatar is best known for hit songs such as “Crimes of Passion”, “Sex as a Weapon”, “Love is a Battlefield”, and “You Better Run”. Badler is best known for portraying a mega-maniacal space dominatrix in the 1983 miniseries V but she also happens to be a lounge singer of some renown. The songs “Men Who Lie”, “I Want a Lot of Boys to Cry at My Funeral”, “The Devil Has My Double”, and “Four Corners to My Bed” are a few of her recent singles that give you the impression she and Pat Benatar would have some pretty interesting conversations if they ever sat down for lunch.

Capricorn Sun, Scorpio Moon Astro-Twins: Singer Pat Benatar, Actress Jane Badler

People with the same Sun/Moon pairing often bear an impossible to dismiss resemblance to each other even if they’re obviously not related by blood. In the case of Benatar and Badler, the camera picks up on both the angular jawline (Capricorn’s toughness) and the alluring eyes (Scorpio’s magnetism).

Capricorn/Scorpio days are good days to explore your demons and plot out ways to totally transform yourself, something this pairing does several times throughout life. Just don’t kill yourself in the process. Because if you do then you won’t be around to get revenge on all those people on your hit list now will you?

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