There sure is and it’s actually quite simple: first get a list of upcoming tv shows or movies and check what their premier dates are scheduled to be. Then run their astrological charts using the premier dates as their dates of birth. Then compare their charts to their trailers/previews available on YouTube. The broad, overarching themes in both their charts and their trailers/previews will be the same broad, overarching themes in the news around the time the shows premier. Example: NBC’s show “Revolution” premiered this fall just as the transiting North Node (destiny) had moved into Scorpio (darkness). The show takes place 15 years after a worldwide blackout has plunged the world back to pre-industrial darkness:

Now take a look at this week’s stunning cover of New York Magazine and see if you notice any basic thematic similarities to the plot of Revolution. Please note that I can’t reproduce the image due to copyright reasons but the link is very much worth a click. Also note that the still-devastated (poorer) outer neighborhoods are simply not in the photograph which is as important to consider as what is in the photograph. The images of NYC post Hurricane Sandy in this YouTube video are also worth a look:

As far as the election on Tuesday goes: however it turns out my guess is by June 2013 there will be large elements of the American population who so strongly feel the president is a total fraud that they will want to revolt. What do I base this on? Well, among other reasons, take a look at the broad themes in the trailer for the big blockbuster GI Joe movie scheduled to be released at that time. Keep in mind that films like this one are, nine times out of ten, targeted to subtly influence (program) certain segments of the population.

People reading an astrology site like this one are extremely unlikely to go see a film like GI Joe let alone be influenced by it and may even be confused that I’m using it as a serious example of anything. Keep in mind that readers of astrology sites – who tend to be middle aged women and gay men – are definitely not the population being targeted by the film. (You guys and gals are more likely the targets of a film like Thrive.) A film like GI Joe is targeted at influencing military age males (16-24 years old), the same males most likely to be involved in revolts or proto-revolts and the same males who perceive men like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to be role models.

I won’t bother to speculate as to whether the president in the film is supposed to be a stand-in for Obama or Romney. We’re entering a Mercury retrograde and, just as importantly, Mercury (communication) is being squared by Neptune (deception, delusions, confusion) so speculating on such matters can be likened to navigating through thick fog.

Thoughts? Post them in the comments section.

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