By Matthew David Savinar

Combine the deeply imaginative nature of a Pisces Sun with the sociable instincts of an Libra Moon and you get a Sun/Moon pairing attuned to aesthetics, beauty, and harmony within both creative and interpersonal contexts. Astrologers Suzi and Charles Harvey write of this pairing:

You exude a wistful, intangible glamour, as if you were king or queen of the forest fairies incarnate, come to entice the clumsy mortals to a place exquisitely serene and joyful. You love people . . . and really come alive at parties.

Using the date of its release as its date of birth, the hit 1990 song “The Humpty Dance” by pioneering hip hop group Digital Underground is a Pisces Sun, Libra Moon. (Chart) You’ll find few examples of somebody or something that has done more “to liven up parties” than “The Humpty Dance”. Take a look at the video for the song to see just how live a party can get once a Pisces/Libra individual hits the scene:

Greg Jacobs aka “Shock G” aka “Mr. Humpty” in the above video, is obviously not a literal “king of the forest fairies incarnate”. He does, however, introduce himself as “the new fool in town whose sounds laid down by the Underground” which is roughly the same idea once you make some adjustments for what might be lost in translation.

Fortunately for any “clumsy mortals” who might have wandered upon Mr. Humpty and his exquisitely joyous underground entourage, the Pisces Sun, Libra Moon pairing is known for its social inclusiveness, graciously diplomatic ways, and essentially gentle nature. In All Around the Zodiac, astrologer Bill Tierney writes of this combination’s peace-loving demeanor:

Libra and Pisces are both known to have a soft spot in their hearts for those in need of sympathy and encouragement. These signs can put themselves in other people’s shoes long enough to induce deeper understanding and even compassion . . . Both signs being gentle spirits at heart, this combination knows how to be calming and soothingly supportive to those in need.

Demonstrating the hallmark Pisces/Libra sense of social inclusiveness, Mr. Humpty ends his song with an invitation to people of all races to join in the dance. He then finishes by proclaiming, “Lets get stupid!!!”, which can be translated as “Let’s have an exquisitely joyous, soothing, and serene time together!!!”, something the Pisces Sun, Libra Moon native is a natural at encouraging others to do.

You’ll find a disproportionate number of Pisces Sun, Libra Moon natives in the creative or artistic professions. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson says Pisces/Libra is often “drawn to the arts” and “has a natural understanding of form, beauty and aesthetics.” (Source) Mapmaker Geradus Mercator is a Pisces Sun, Libra Moon native whose beautifully artistic maps generated as much buzz among 16th century cartographers as the Humpty Dance has among 20th and 21st century hip hop aficionados. (Chart) Interestingly enough, Mercator’s maps were even frequently sampled by other cartographers in much the same that “the Humpty Dance” is now frequently sampled by other musicians.

Pisces Sun, Libra Moon is attuned to beauty. Pictured above: one of Mercator’s maps.

Commenting on his fun-loving reputation, Mr. Humpty warns us that he’s known to “sometimes get ridiculous, eating up all your crackers and licorice.” His Pisces Sun, Libra Moon astro-twin Mr. Mercator enjoyed a similarly robust reputation among 16th century high society. According to the Mercator biography The World of Geradus Mercator, “Mercator was a regular guest at official banquets and civic occasions. He was known as an entertaining and expansive guest who could be relied on to enliven a late night table.” (Source)

When not enlivening late night tables, the Pisces Sun, Libra Moon pairing can be found either working at or clowning around in collaborative projects with others. To illustrate: in this next set of photos Mercator is seen clowning around with his apprentice from the map-making underground Joducus Hondius. Below that is a photo of Shock G still in his Humpty Hump alter-ego doing the same with his then 19 year old apprentice (back up dancer) Tupac Shakur:

Pisces/Libra: the Funky Mapmakers and the Funky Trackmakers.

Eighteenth century composer Frederick Chopin and 20th century ballet dancer Rudolf Nurevey are also both Pisces Sun, Libra Moon individuals. Like Mercator’s maps and Mr. Humpty’s music, Chopin and Nurevey’s forms self-expression are as aesthetically pleasing today as they were when originally created.

While “The Humpty Dance” may have a ways to go before it’s considered the same level of revered art as Chopin’s compositions or Nurevey’s ballet performances, it did go multi-platinum and is one of the most widely sample songs of the last thirty years. In fact, its appeal has proven so broad that there’s now an entire genre of YouTube videos featuring “clumsy mortals enticed to a place exquisitely serene and joyful” by the song. (Source) There’s even a sub-genre of that genre of videos featuring people’s pets and animals who’ve been moved to an equally joyful place by its pulsating bassline and and wildly whimsical lyrical rhymes. This French Bulldog getting down to the song is but one example:

In addition to being so extraordinarily creative that it can entice members of multiple species to joyous self-expression, the Pisces Sun, Libra Moon native is usually deeply romantic. Astrologer Jefferson Anderson writes of this combination says this pairing is,”Capable of losing yourself altogether in love, in many respects you are the perfect partner. You know how to balance the give-and-take in a relationship”. (Source) For instance, poet Elizabeth Browning Barret is a Pisces Sun, Libra Moon known for being profound romantic. (Chart)

Pisces/Libras can usually see past things like race or economic background to see the universal threads that tie us all together. For instance, at first you might not think a Victorian era white woman like Mrs. Browning-Barret and a black rapper’s 1990s alter ego like Mr. Humpty would have too much in common. If, however, you look beyond their demographic profiles you’ll notice number of meaningful similarities between the two. For starters, Mrs. Barrett-Browning and Mr. Humpty are both writers known for “being spunky and liking their rhymes funky”, to quote a line from “The Humpty Dance”. They also both share similar attitudes towards the key socio-political issues of their respective eras. Mr. Humpty famously ends his song by encouraging people of all nationalities to join together in “peace and humptiness” while Mrs. Browning-Barret was also quite comfortable with cross-national humptiness. According to an Ebony Magazine interview with her biographer Julia Markus, “Mrs. Barrett-Browning sincerely believed that she had African blood running through her veins.” (Source)

On the left: once got busy in a Burger King bathroom. On the right: once got busy in a Victorian Era bathroom.

True to their Pisces/Libra astrological pedigrees, both Mr. Humpty and Mrs. Barrett-Browning share deeply romantic approaches to matters of the heart. Barrett-Browning once asked, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Mr. Humpty poses essentially the same question when he directs his attention to a woman of robust carriage and inquires as to whether she is adventuresome enough to join him for a tryst in a fast food lavatory, something he has found to be quit enjoyable with previous paramours.

That Mr. Humpty was once compelled to make love in the washroom of a fast food chain is no surprise given this pairings capacity for romance. Astrologer Hazel Dixon Cooper says the typical Pisces/Libra “can turn any hovel into a den of libidinous excess.” (Source)

Mr. Humpty “once got busy in a Burger King bathroom” while his Pisces/Libra astro-twin Mr. Nurevey once accomplished something similar. In 1983 Nurevey appeared on an episode of Jim Henson’s television show The Muppets in which he got busy in a steam sauna bathroom with Mrs. Piggy:

Mr. Humpty has another astro-twin whose work you’ve likely come across if you’ve spent any significant amount of time in the astrology blogosphere. That’s the Australian based astrologer known as “Mystic Medusa” of fame. According to her site’s About Me page, Mrs. Medusa is a Pisces Sun, Libra Moon just like Mr. Humpty himself. At first you might not think a black rapper’s fictional alter ego from Oakland, California and a hot blonde astrologer chick from Australia would have too much in common. If, however, you look past their immediate demographic profiles you’ll notice some significant similarities between the two. For starters, both are known for their high-octane drinks of choice. Mr. Humpty will, according to the song bearing his name, “drink up all the Hennessy you got on your shelf.” Mrs. Medusa’s drink of choice is a similarly high-octane beverage she refers to as “the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice”.

Pisces Sun, Libra Moon can be one of the more outrageously flirtatious of the 144 Sun/Moon combinations. For instance, Mr. Humpty tells us, “And if you missed it, I’m the one who said ‘Just grab ’em in the biscuits'”. From the looks of her 2010 book cover you can’t help but get the impression Mrs. Medusa has said something similar on more than one occasion:

Both Humpty and Medusa have very distinctive ways of adorning themselves, another hallmark of the Pisces Sun, Libra Moon combination. Take a look at this still-shot of Mr. Humpty from the video bearing his name next to an illustration of Mrs. Medusa by German artist Olaf Hajek to see just how distinctive:

On the left: Will drink up all the Hennessey on your shelf. On the right: will drink up all the Blue Devil Hoochie Juice on your shelf.

Like many of their Pisces/Libra astro-brethren, both Humpty and Medusa are known for their wildly creative forms of self-expression. Mr. Humpty describes the creativity of his dancing, “Crazy whack funky, they say you look like M.C. Hammer on crack on Humpty.” Something similar can be said in regards to the creativity of Mystic Medusa’s writing, “Crazy whack funky, they say your blog reads like Linda Goodman on space dust Mysty.”

Jefferson Anderson tells the Pisces/Libra native, “Your spiritual nature enables you to experience the greatest joys. You can become ecstatic over hearing a bird sing.” (Source) We don’t know if Mrs. Medusa has ever become ecstatic over hearing a bird sing but we do know that prior to becoming a full time astrologer she managed a troupe of male strippers. (For real.) Like her Pisces Sun, Libra Moon astro-twin Mr. Humpty she is thus probably quite familiar with audiences being enticed to ecstatic joys. She isn’t literally the “queen of the forest fairies here to entice clumsy mortals . . .”, to quote the Harveys’ description of the Pisces/Libra pairing but she is a self-described “Pseudo-Intellectual Astro-Bitch” whose blog entices clumsy astro-newbies to more joyously explore their horoscopes.

Finally, anybody whose spent time in the comments section of the blog can definitely attest to it being “a den of libidinous excess” loosely akin to the astrology world’s version of the nightclub in which “The Humpty Dance” was filmed. This is exactly as it should be given that the proprietor is a Pisces Sun, Libra Moon, the Sun/Moon pairing most attuned to the propagation of exquisite joy and eternal good times for all.

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