By now you’ve probably heard that NASA has successfully landed the Mars Curiosity rover on the great red planet. NASA has a stream of the landing going here but it appears down at the moment.

If you are curious about the rover’s astrological chart based on its launch date of 11/26/11, make sure to check out this article I posted a few months ago. The Curiosity rover is the second example of how the double Sagittarius pairing expresses itself. The other two examples are pretty interesting also, although obviously I’m biased in that assessment:

Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Sagittarius: The Super Crusader of Quests and Faith

The Rover’s Mars (how it fights) is in Virgo, the sign of analysis. A great placement for forensic researchers who must dig deep and analyze the heck out of things, which is more or less what the Curiosity is doing up there on the red planet. If you would like to read more about Mars in Virgo check out this article posted earlier this year when the planet of courage and confrontation was transiting the sign of health consciousness, holistic sexuality, and precisely honed skills of discernment.

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