By now you’ve likely heard about the blackout in India. If not, this Washington Post story will bring you up to speed. It’s the world’s biggest blackout ever, orders of magnitude bigger than the 2003 blackout in New York. The latest estimates are that 670 million people are affected. That’s 10% of the human population for anybody who’s counting.

A few hours before the story hit the wires I’m reading this article from a 2010 issue of National Geographic about the “birth” of the electric grid. Yes, it turns out the electrical grid itself has a date of birth. The grid was born on September 4th, 1882 at 3:00 PM in lower Manhattan when Thomas Edison flipped the switch at the Pearl Street Station, the world’s first electric utility. The offices of JP Morgan were the first clients, naturally.

If the grid has a date of birth then it also has a birth chart. Take a look. Turns out that the entity upon which we all totally rely upon is a Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon. The Sun describes a person’s identity, what they think about when they consider who they are and what their purpose in life is. When the Sun is in Virgo the person identifies with workplace efficiency which is essentially what Edison and friends were thinking of when they set up the Grid’s beginnings, “This will improve productivity.” The Moon describes what type of food a person needs to feel emotionally nourished. Gemini Moons need constant stimulation, movement back/forth, and transmission of ideas in order to feel comfortable. The grid cannot store power, it needs electricity to be *constantly moving* somewhere. If electricity that is being transmitted from point A to point B or back gets stuck in any one part of the grid it shorts out. That’s more or less exactly what happens to humans with their Moons in Gemini if they stay stuck with a stagnating idea, person, or situation for too long.

With its Sun in the sign of analysis (Virgo) and Moon in the sign of communication (Gemini), this pairing can be analogized to a human fiber optic cable. It typically excels in any endeavor involving science, engineering, technology or media. Jefferson Anderson calls this the combination of “The Genius”, emphasizing its intellectual brilliance and impeccable reliability:

Both signs of your combination are ruled by Mercury, and if you are familiar with mythology, you’ll know that Mercury governs communication and the intellect. So you’ve got a brilliant mind and an ongoing need to express your latest, often ingenious, ideas.

In your professional life, you are forever punctual and exact in carrying out your obligations and responsibilities . . . you try to perform to the utmost of your capabilities, but sometimes you push yourself a little too far. Nervous tension and anxiety often plague this combination. Try to relax now and then and don’t set such impossible standards for yourself. (Source)

As far as current transits to the Grid’s natal chart, the Grid’s Mars at 11 Libra is right in the cross-hairs of the Uranus/Pluto square. (Yikes!) Astrologer Robert Hand writes in his book Planets in Transit that transiting Uranus (sudden shocks) opposite natal Mars is associated with explosive energies, sudden illnesses, and a need to make major reforms in one’s life:

With this transit you can expect rebellious and explosive energies to enter your life. You will act more impulsively fly off the handle at the slightest provocation . . .

Sometimes you can suppress this feeling of rebellious self-assertion and make your life go on as if nothing were happening. But this is not a good idea, because the energy will not go away. If you suppress it, the result is some kind of physical illness . . .

Trying to live according to your old plan is not likely to work out at this time. Psychological explosions are expressions of unresolved tensions that should have been handled before. You may have to make revolutionary changes in your life . . . (Source)

Transiting Pluto (extremes, terror) square natal Mars is a bit of a notorious transit in astrological circles. In his 1994 book The Book of Pluto, astrologer Steven Forest describes it as follows, “Squares and oppositions developing between Pluto and Mars suggest crisis. Something is boiling over.” (Source) He then goes on to advise that whatever is boiling over can be released either all at once or in a more controlled fashion and that it is probably best to chose the later option. On a similar note, astrologer Robert Hand writes that transiting Pluto square natal Mars is associated with physical burnout and accidents:

. . . if you are not careful, you can work so hard that you become physically exhausted, leaving yourself open to illnesses and physical breakdown. You hardly feel fatigue and weariness until it is too late.

There is some danger of accidents under this transit, almost always because of frustrated energy within you. Avoid any situation in which you are exposed to unnecessary risks, for here the energy may come out in an undesirable way. (Source)

Transiting Saturn (karma) in Scorpio (crisis) will be moving over the Grid’s North Node (destiny, path forward) at 23 Scorpio in approximately two years. Saturn moving over the North Node is considered a “time of reckoning” in astrological canon. This will be doubly the case for the Grid in the coming years as Saturn in Scorpio will be in a mutual reception (force multiplier) with Pluto (terror) in Capricorn (structures) for several years starting this fall.

My South Node (karmic past) is Aries in the 9th House so the last thing I should be doing in this life is confronting (Aries) people on matters of faith (9th House). But there is something very 9th House about our faith in the continued viability of this entity called “The Grid” that needs to be mentioned. The vast majority of us (myself included) are no more able to explain how it works than we’re able to explain the nature of the cosmos itself. Yet we have more faith in our assumptions of its viability than even the most fanatical religious fundamentalists have in their beliefs. Which is why, among other reasons, we may be so reluctant to understand just how incredibly fragile the whole thing is.

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