We’re at the tail end of the transiting North Node’s (destiny) 18 month trip through Sagittarius, the sign of high adventure and new frontiers. On August 30th, 2012 the North Node will move into Scorpio, the sign of emotional depth and psychological darkness, sexual intrigue and shadowy underworlds, covert operations and subterranean dealings, atomic bomb levels of anger and ice cold depths of resolve. During the following 18 months it may become necessary to go cave-diving into some arena of life where matters we don’t like to talk about in polite company have been suppressed for a good long time.

Whatever erupts during the first month of the North Node’s foray into Scorpio will be taking on a doubly Plutonic sense of urgency as Mars (fighting) will also be moving into Scorpio on August 24th. This means that from August 28th to October 6th we’ll have both Mars and the North Node in the sign of the the Sorceress and the Spy, the Hitman and the Detective. Mars (courage/confrontation) and the North Node (destiny) in Scorpio (emotional extremes) is an incredibly potent combination that will likely unearth all sorts of suppressed emotions, scandals, and crisis.

If you’d like some imagery for what Mars/North Node in Scorpio feels like just take a look at the trailer for the upcoming film Looper. It will be in theaters September 28th but is scheduled to premier at the Toronto film festival on September 6th just a few days after Mars and the North Node plunge into Scorpio. (Chart) Starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt as time traveling hitmen out to eliminate future/past versions of themselves, the film’s trailer has Mars/North Node in Scorpio written all over it:

Those of you tuned into your inner Scorpionic spidey sense probably caught the narrator’s line, “The only rule is never let your target escape, even when your target is yourself.” That line very much describes the modus operandi of a Mars/North Node conjunction in the zodiac’s most intensely introspective sign. Just keep in mind that for most people reading this the incredibly intense battles in the film stand as metaphors for incredibly intense battles on the emotional, financial, or sexual fronts. The exact nature of these battles – “struggles” or “crisis” if you prefer something less overtly militaristic sounding – will depend on the house Mars in Scorpio will be transiting in as well as what planets in your chart it will be aspecting. Your battles obviously won’t involve literal time travel. Scorpio, however, is compelled to unearth matters long buried so they may pertain to issues from your past not totally unlike those depicted in the trailer seen above. You won’t be “sweeping the streets” of a dystopic underworld the way Gordon Levitt’s character in Looper is ordered to do but you will likely be sweeping the streets of the underworld(s) within your own psyche.

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  • glock says:

    My natal north node is in Scorpio… so a north node return will be happening for me in my 11th house. I’m a little worried because my son has a Scorpio moon and Saturn will be conjuncting it at the same time as my Scorpio midheaven… I keep coming up with the keywords “death of his mother” …it doesn’t make matters better that my midheaven is on a homicide degree.

    Saturn will be conjuncting Uranus…my second house ruler… I keep thinking financial problems, drastic changes in the home or career or my own death. (Saturn is my ruling planet, I’m a double Capricorn…and Pluto is also transiting my Sun…woah). Do you have any more positive delineations you care to share? Although after watching that clip I’m thinking your outlook may be as dark as mine. 🙂 And nice write up btw.

  • Susan says:

    Really good article, huh I picked up on that symbolic line about not letting your target escape you.
    I too have Scorpio NNode, as well as Scorpio Rising and my son (same as above poster) has a Scorpio Moon and again same as the poster above my natal Scorpio is in the 11th house!
    If anyone has any insight on what that means personally please share. I think this is going to be a powerful time for people with strong Scorpio emphasis in their charts as well as Scorp. NNode.

  • Susan says:

    Hi Glock, very eerie because I have some of the exact same placements as you!! My NNode is Scorpio, I have my natal Scorpio in the 11th house and my young son has a Scorpio Moon!!