We’re still in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde which means it’s a good time to do anything with the letters “re” at the beginning such as “revise” one’s previous articles. In that spirit I just added the following to the Mars in Libra article posted last week:

As far as actual couples fighting their differences out in divorce court, it should be noted that the hit television show Wife Swap has a Mars/Jupiter conjunction at 0 degrees Libra with the Sun not far behind at 4 degrees Libra. (Chart) If you’ve never seen the show it has Mars in Libra all over it: people from seemingly opposite (Libra) backgrounds fighting (Mars) over balance of power (Libra) issues. Here, for instance, is an episode where a family run by a Wicca witch swaps wives with a family run by a hyper-conservative redneck type:

As far as the show’s Sun/Moon pairing, it’s a Libra Sun, Pisces Moon. That’s a great combination for a group facilitator as it combines the diplomacy of a Libra Sun with the compassionate instincts of a Pisces Moon. It’s also a great combination for playing fantasy dress up games like what you see at a good Renaissance Fair. Libras love to get dressed up and Pisces is by far the most imaginative of lunar placements.

For more information on Mars in Libra, see:

Mars in Libra: Planet of Courage and Confrontation Moves Into the Sign of Romance and Relationships

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