By Matthew David Savinar

Combine a highly communicative, cross-pollinating Gemini Sun with a trans-dimensional Pisces Moon and the result is one of the most magical, mystical, and enchantingly original of the 144 Sun/Moon parings. Gemini/Pisces natives are at their best when working with the imaginative and the invisible, the mysterious and the opaque, the fantastic and the phantasmal. They make for great musicians, artists, poets, dancers, and dream interpreters. Recently deceased musician Prince is a Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon whose artistic expressions have been so inspired that one can’t help but wonder if he channeled them from the dream world. His ability to cross-pollinate (Gemini) between rock, funk, jazz, and soul enabled him to produce music so enchanting (Pisces) that many feel he is the Mozart of our time.

According to Suzie and Charles Harvey’s book Sun Sign Moon Sign, the Gemini/Pisces pairing has “an ability to work with symbols and images . . . your desire to express the inexpressible requires an art form, not a chat.” Prince, in addition to being one of the world’s most popular musicians, is famous for having changed his name to an unpronounceable, inexpressible symbol that had to be rendered in artistic form in order to be explained.

The textbook Gemini/Pisces individual has the potential to earn money through creative pursuits but they’re usually not the best at money management. For instance, imagine a scenario where Prince got a hold of your checkbook. You’d no doubt get it back at some point but the checks contained therein would likely have some incredibly creative calligraphy or art work on them, rendering them exquisitely beautiful if utterly mystifying to the folks at your local bank branch.

Prince was born on a fourth quarter Moon in Pisces, a Moon phase that Raven Kaldera calls “the Moon of Lost Souls”. People born under this Moon are endowed with “such a strong sense of empathy that they are constantly bombarded by suffering” Kaldera writes in Moon Phase Astrology. Prince’s passing came amidst a longstanding addiction to and/or overdose of Percocet–an opiate based, corporate pharmaceutical that a doctor had originally prescribed to him in 2009 for severe hip pain. In the weeks since his passing, Prince has become something of a symbol for the suffering of legions of souls who’ve also lost their lives to opioids in recent years. According to a PBS Frontline article by Dan Nolan and Chris Amico, “The opioid epidemic has been called the worst drug crisis in American history. Death rates now rival those of AIDS during the 1990s . . .” A May 2016 investigation by the Los Angeles Times informs us that America’s prescription opioid crisis “has claimed over 190,000 lives from overdoses since 1999.” Most of these opioids are developed, promoted, manufactured, and distributed by corporations worth billions of dollars. Endo Pharmaceuticals, makers of Percocet, has a market cap of $16 billion as of May 2015 according to Forbes. Purdue Pharma, makers of Oxycontin, is owned by the Sackler family aka “the OxyContin Clan” according to a recent Forbes article that estimated their worth at over $14 billion.

North Node in Scorpio: Point of Destiny in the Sign of Intrigue

Prince passed as a full moon eclipse at two degrees Scorpio was lighting up his North Node (destiny) at two degrees Scorpio, sign of both psychological depth and underworld intrigue, in the 12th House of hidden matters. Prince’s passing was unexpected, tragic, and, unfortunately, has been shrouded with a great deal of hidden, underworld style intrigue. As this magazine goes to print, Radar Online is reporting that the DEA is investigating his death while the National Enquirer is reporting that he had been diagnosed with AIDS. There are even rumors are circulating that he may have been murdered. As Prince died without a will, there are also more than a few unanswered questions about who or what will get the rights to a massive repository of unreleased music locked in a vault underneath his Paisley Park mansion. According to an account published by the NY Daily News, Prince left enough music in his vault to release a new album every year for the next century–an enormous source of potential revenue for whoever gets the publishing rights and/or distribution contracts.

However the intrigue surrounding Prince’s passing shakes out, there is no doubt the man left a legacy that is both highly original (Gemini/Pisces) and deeply soulful (Scorpio North Node in the 12th). With the transiting North Node (destiny) and Jupiter (expansion) both in Virgo (herbal medicine, health consciousness) at the time of his death, hopefully Prince’s passing will spur a more holistic, empathic approach to how our culture treats chronic pain.

About the Author: Matt Savinar is a California licensed attorney (State Bar #228957), voluntarily inactive as of June 2013. He can be reached via his contact page.

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  • eva says:

    Thanks for this Matthew. I have a 17 year old Gemini sun Pisces moon son who fits the creative and original description in your article. Am trying to guide him into the arts… Reassuring to read about the sun/moon characteristics. Cheers.

  • Laura says:

    Fabulous. Thank you ~