Aries: Highway to the Danger Zone, Astrology of Film and Television

Mars/Moon conjunctions are intensely combative aspects as they combine the emotionality of the Moon with the aggressiveness of Mars. According to astrologer Sue Tompkins, people with Mars/Moon aspects in their chart often grow up in extremely dangerous environments:

The person is usually used to feeling unsafe and is very quick to smell danger and thus cultivates speedy reactions and responses – the kind of reactions that can save lives.

The need to protect the self and more especially one’s family and others with whom there is an emotional bond is usually keenly developed with all Mars/Moon aspects. Not uncommonly, the family was threatened in some way in childhood, if not by anger or violence within the household, the by some threat from outside.

[. . . those with the hard contacts] may continually behave or believe as if World War III is about to break out. (Source)

If the Mars/Moon aspect is in Aries (the sign of warfare), it’s likely to be particularly heated. To illustrate: The latest installment of the Terminator series of films was released (born) on May 21st, 2009. Given that the movie takes place within a post World War III setting, it’s no surprise the film’s chart sports a very prominent Mars/Moon conjunction in Aries. (See Chart) Take a look at this clip from the film for an exaggerated but fundamentally accurate sense of how many people with this aspect experience childhood:

In the above clip, the T-600 Terminator is a stand in for the lowest expression of a Mars/Moon conjunction in Aries: nasty, brutal, combative, even murderous. The three humans are stand ins for the highest expression of this aspect: fiercely protective, fast-moving, and highly enterprising. The way the Anton Yelchin character pushes the Sam Worthington character out of the line of fire is a good example of somebody “possessing speedy reactions – the kind that can save lives”, one of the traits that Sue Tompkins associates with Mars/Moon contacts.

Obviously that scene is from the imaginal world of film but people with this aspect in their chart will likely relate to it as a good metaphor for how they experienced home life as children. They may not have been running from an actual T-600 Terminator but they likely had a parent who behaved like one.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the president of France, has a nearly precise Mars/Moon conjunction in Aries in his chart. (Sarkozy’s Chart) His near-apocalyptic level temper has been widely confirmed. According to his wife Carla Bruni, “A lot of people are scared of him, not just because of his position, but because of his temper.” (Source) Here’s a 60 Minutes interview where Sarkozy angrily walks out in true Mars/Moon fashion:

On a more positive note, Laurence Fischer (the women’s world karate champion) has a Mars/Moon conjunction in Aries. (Fischer’s Chart) Watch the first 30 seconds of this video from French television to see how she’s managed to blend the nurturing function of her Moon with the fighting spirit of her Mars:

Mars/Moon in Libra, the sign opposite to Aries, will operate in much the same way as Mars/Moon in Aries. The big difference is Mars/Moon in Libra will involve a sense of justice being served while Mars/Moon in Aries is about raw self-preservation. Consider, for instance, this video of a crowd chasing away four police officers who were brutalizing a streaker far above and beyond what was necessary to subdue him. I ran the chart for the video and it includes a Mars/Moon conjunction in early Libra. Watch through to the end as it’s an excellent example of how this aspect expresses itself when placed in the sign most associated with the justice system:

The police officers are a stand in for the lowest expression of a Mars/Moon conjunction in Libra: a nasty, brutal, and swift disposition of a form of “justice”. The crowd is a stand in for the highest expression of this aspect: fierce, fast-moving, and highly enterprising in the pursuit of justice. As with the characters in the Terminator scene, the crowd demonstrates “a keenly developed need to protect others” as well as “speedy reactions – the kind that can save lives”.

Libra is, at its highest expression, about being fair. Watch the clip closely and you’ll see that the one officer who admonishes his colleague to stand down at :31-:32 manages to get away from the crowd unscathed.

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