Aries: Highway to the Danger Zone

When your baby’s Moon is in Aries you better “train, say your prayers, and take alllll your vitamins!”, to quote professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, because this baby will need lots of action, adventure, and physical movement to be emotionally happy. With their Moon (emotional needs) in Aries (the Warrior) your baby has come here to “chew bubble gum and kick ass. And they’re all out of bubble gum”, to quote Rowdy Rowdy Piper, another professional wrestler and Aries Moon icon.

If you want an exagerrated but fundamentally accurate approximation of how your Aries Moon child experiences the world, watch this monster truck commercial:

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars which is the planet of war, explosions, aggression, machismo, cars, and any endeavor that involves going “head to head” with somebody or something. These are the type of things that will most resonate with your Aries Moon baby. You certainly don’t have to take them to a monster truck rally but giving them some tonka trucks might be worth trying. They’ll probably get hours and hours of joy out of simply slamming them into each other. (I’m an Aries Moon and I sure did.)

For Aries Moon babies, meal time is war time. If your Aries Moon baby gets hungry, they’ll likely stage a tantrum so epic you’ll think you’re witnessing a scene from one of those History Channel documentaries where all the B-17 bombers are flying into Germany complete with Ride of the Valkryries playing in the background.

Even if you do have a wholesome meal prepared for your Aries Moon baby there’s still a good chance they’ll stage a fight over it. Why? Because this is an Aries Moon baby we’re talking about here. “Raising holy hell” is just their way of “being themselves”.

I have no connection to the folks at but the founder(s) almost certainly have an Aries Moon child. The commercial for their product captures nicely the Zeitgeist of the world according to the Aries Moon baby:

As the soul of an Aries Moon baby is here to compete, this is the Moon placement most likely to perceive the arrival of a sibling as a challenge, particularly if the sibling is close in age. Even if the Aries Moon baby intends no physical harm to the sibling, they will still want to go “head-to-head” with them in some fashion. So sibling rivalry is a high possibility with this placement, the nature and intensity of the rivalry would depend primarily on the Moon placements of siblings.

Aries Moon babies do well with pets but only if the pets are the active, “run around the backyard and wrestle in the living room” type. If you watch this video of Sophie the Boston Terrier playing with a group of children, you’ll get an idea of the type of pet an Aries Moon baby will do well with:

An Aries Moon child will tend to have a temper but, like a ram butting somebody with its head, the temper lacks staying power. Their tantrums will become less frequent once the child learns to walk and is able to get around on their own. Aries Moons resent being dependent on somebody else to get around, even as infants. Remember, this is a child with the soul of a Warrior inside them. Providing outlets for that Warrior spirit will help channel your Aries Moon baby’s inner hellion into healthier expressions.

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