Gemini: Can you hear me now?

Geminian entertainers may lack Leo’s natural stage presence but can often make up for it through their use of language. Professional wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for instance, is a Taurus Sun whose Mars, Venus, and Saturn are all in quick-witted and verbally dexterous Gemini.

Exceptional on the microphone and an extraordinary athlete, Johnson’s popularity stemmed as much, if not more, from his hilarious promos than his in-ring performances. (See Video)

Even when on stage next to Hulk Hogan, who has four planets in lights-camera-action Leo, he was never out-shined due to his Geminian-like agility with the spoken word.

The sign of dexterity, individuals with Gemini emphasized in their chart can often excel at a wide-variety of divergent endeavors. Johnson’s appearance in the 2007 film “Be Cool”, in which he portrays a gay country music singer, is an excellent example of Geminian dexterity at work. A professional football player before becoming a wrestler, Johnson’s scene with John Travolta, viewable here, in which he acts out a scene from “Bring It On” (a 2001 film about high school cheerleaders) must be seen to be believed.

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